From Architecture to UX design

I clearly remembered one day morning years ago, I woke up and called my friend back in Canada and said I was gonna make some changes in my life. From that day, I started my journey to make the switch.

And today, I am working as a UX/UI designer in a bank in Hong Kong. As I met more and more peers in this industry, I have been faced with the same question “ how do you make this change”.

So I decided to write something here to share my experiences of transferring between industries. Meanwhile, I will share some interesting findings in my daily job or book reviews with you guys.

Recently I have the honor to help Tim Chan with the translation of his interview series. For the interview video, you can always check his a podcast and a Youtube channel called UXwanabe.

Thanks for reading!

UX/UI designer with an architectural design background. A big picture thinker obsessed with crafting the details.